Helping Ukraine

Help Ukraine

Helping Ukraine

Over 5,000,000 people are likely to become refugees in the wake of the Russian invasion on Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022.  Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have fled their homeland into Moldova and Poland and other European Countries.  Even more are displaced within Ukraine, hiding in underground structures like subways, parking garages and basements.

Bee Reporting pledges a portion of their profits to helping the millions of people who are in immediate danger and need of safe shelter, hot meals, basic hygiene, medical care and transportation.  For the month of March, 2022, a portion of every order will be donated to the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

These people face grave dangers as homes and infrastructure have been targeted and destroyed, leaving the Ukrainian People with few provisions and loss of basic services such as food, electricity and water.

Thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been killed as the conflict escalates and major cities are targeted with emergency services being destroyed. 

Join Bee Reporting and make an impact on those in need of humanitarian aid.  

Impact on Children

Of the millions affected, over half a million are children and minors.  The impact is greatest among women, children, marginalized communities and the poor.  

“We never expected this could happen: total destruction, annihilation, genocide against the Ukrainian people – this is unforgivable.” Kharkiv Residents

Railway stations and locomotives have been fired upon and destroyed to stop citizens from evacuating from areas of the country now in rubble.  Trapped residents are hiding in makeshift shelters without heat, food or water.  Getting injured civilians out of bombed buildings and homes is becoming impossible when faced with a constant bombardment of shelling.

Estimates put the number of civilian deaths at 2000, many of them children, but Ukraine’s emergency services agency released a statement saying that “it is unknown how many people are still trapped under fire and debris.”  

IRC Emergency Aid Program

Join Bee Reporting as we raise awareness and much needed funds to help the Ukrainian people by donating $10 of every order to the International Rescue Committee

The IRC helps people affected by humanitarian crisies to survive, recover and rebuild their lives, working in over 40 crisis-affected countries and communities. By providing health care, education and empowerment, IRC brings clean drinking water, relief from violence, counseling and other services to those in the most need. 

Bee Reporting is working with IRC to raise much needed emergency relief funds to those affected by the crisis in Ukraine.  Over 80% of donations go directly to those impacted by humanitarian crises around the globe.  

“It is so important to us that we give back to our community, locally and globally and that we are able to bring relief to those in need.”

Liz Laike, Co-Owner of Bee Reporting

Supporting Vulnerable Populations

“As a Women Owned Business Enterprise, Bee Reporting invests in organizations, like IRC, that provide humanitarian assistance around the world, with an emphasis on the impact of violence on women and girls.” 

Co-owner, Judy Rossi. 

Bee Helpful to the Ukrainian People

There are many ways that you can join Bee Reporting ease the suffering of the Ukrainian People.  These are just a few:

Please join Bee Reporting in bringing relief to those impacted by this crisis. 

Judy and Liz, Co-Owners of Bee Reporting 



March 7, 2022