Plan Bee

Safe, Secure, Remote Deposition Technology 

  • Bee Reporting will handle all your deposition needs during this difficult time from the comfort of your home office.
  • All participants easily connect with any webcam equipped laptop, computer or mobile device with Internet service.  Everyone will see each other and interact as if they were in the same room.  
  • Schedule your deposition the same way you always have, but add  in all participants’ email addresses.
  • At this point, Bee Reporting will take care of all details.  We will send each participant a video meeting invitation with scheduling information,  a link to join the deposition and a password for security.
  • A Bee Reporting IT staff member will welcome each participant as they enter the meeting and place them into the waiting room until all guests have arrived.  Our staff member will remain until all questions are answered and the deposition is ready to begin.  For security purposes, the meeting will then be locked and no one else can enter.
  • At the conclusion, we ask attorneys to let the reporter know where they would like the transcript sent; to a specific address or just emailed since many offices are closed. All transcripts will be added to our repository for easy access. 
  • Bee reporters have been trained on how to run depositions remotely, from swearing in the witness to marking and sharing exhibits.  
  • There will be no additional fees for remote depositions at this time.  Bee Reporting will absorb all costs.  

Contact our office to set up your next remote deposition or with any questions.

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