Proud to BEE a Supporter of PRIDE!

Ever wondered about how Pride became PRIDE!!!

A Brief History of Pride

While the pride movement had begun and was alive and well in Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Stonewall Riots, a police raid at an Inn in NYC, were pivotal as the beginning of “gay pride” and what has become known today as Pride Month.  On the one year anniversary of Stonewall, in June, 1970 various groups organized parades and marches in New York, Chicago and other places to commemorate the anniversary of the riots.  To build on the spirit of resistance that was emerging after 1969, marches to Central Park and the adoption of the “Gay Pride” movement ultimately became the massive Pride celebration we know today. 

Pride today, with all of the glitter and rainbows, is really a call for greater unity, visibility and equality for the LGBTQI community.  Today’s Pride celebrations can last anywhere from several days to a full week and often include marches, speeches, outdoor festivals, concerts, performances and workshops. 

During Pride Month, we celebrate the achievements and activism of the LGBTQI community and it’s allies and do our best to increase awareness over ongoing issues of inequality. 

As business owners, we at Bee believe it is important to acknowledge June as Pride Month reaffirming that at Bee we have a safe workplace.  We celebrate the values of inclusion, equality and the advancement of freedoms that Pride has come to represent.  

Join us in celebrating Pride Month.  

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June 3, 2022