The Bee Hive

The Bee Hive, our very own cost-free internet based transcript repository/library, stores all of your transcripts in one secure location.

  • Access transcripts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from wherever you are!
  • Easy to navigate and gives you complete control of your deposition transcripts.
  • Our powerful search engine saves you time by enabling you to search the entire repository for specific words, names and phrases.
  • Ability to highlight sections, make notes, download, share and print transcripts.
  • All information is protected with firewalls and encryption so that only you have access.

Contact our office and request to be set up in the Bee Hive. You will be assigned a User name and password. From that point on, an email notification will be sent to you each time a completed transcript is available. You can then access your transcripts from your computer, tablet or smart phone any time, anywhere!