ZR Per Diem

Award Winning Per Diem Coverage Service in New York and New Jersey

ZR PER DIEM SERVICES has been the industry leader in per diem coverage services for over a decade, offering coverage services throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  

Offering highly qualified, specialized coverage attorneys, personalized customer support services and the best in legal technology to make lawyers’ lives easier, ZRPD is the favorite coverage provider amongst lawyers in every practice area. 

Whether your appearance is virtual or in person, ZR Per Diem Coverage Attorneys are available to appear of counsel to your firm and provide you with professional, experienced coverage, detailed reports and excellent service, all at competitive rates starting as low as $115.00. 

At ZR PER DIEM, you can also make your life easier by booking

  • Virtual Associate document drafting services; 
  • ZR Per Diem’s EXCLUSIVE deposition scheduling services. 
  • IME companion services. 
  • Court Reporter Services through our partner BEE REPORTING. 

What to Expect when Booking ZR Per diem Coverage and other Services: 

  • Quick, easy, personalized customer service and coverage confirmations. 
  • Years of experience in handling court appearances, depositions, IMEs and more. 
  • Expertise in handling virtual and remote appearances and depositions. 
  • Experienced, Qualified and Specialized Per Diem Attorneys. 
  • Quick, accurate and complete appearance and deposition reports, sometimes on the same day. 

The best in technology to make requesting coverage simple.